…to the Maui Community ZEGG-style Forum

Members of the Maui Community meet at various locations throughout the island of Maui, Hawaii to participate in ZEGG-style “forums” or discussion groups where people are invited to share their experiences with each other in an attempt to get to know each other better through transparency to deepen intimacy and understanding of everyone’s personal perspective of life.  The times, dates, and locations of the various Maui Forum events can be seen on our Calendar.

The Maui Forum is an experiment in peace-oriented thought and action. We endeavor to learn better and better ways of communicating with each other in an integral manner.

We are creating a field, a Sacred Matrix, where when one person succeeds in personal transformation on one of their issues, all people in the connected group will be able to benefit by each other’s personal growth work. It is a field where we are connected with each other in respect, trust, and love. Within this field, each of us is a peace worker. In order to achieve peace on earth, we must first manifest peace within ourselves, then we can have peace within our relationships, and then then peace within our community. Our goal is that each one of us recognizes our role as a peace worker, working towards the goal of peace on earth. Dieter Duhm says peace between the sexes must happen first before peace on earth can be a reality. What holds a community together? Some of the tools we are using have been passed to us from Dieter Duhm and Sabine Lichtenfels, co-founders of ZEGG Community in Germany and Tamera Community in Portugal via Kelly Bryson and Tory Blue of LanguageOfCompassion.com. Transparency has been proven to be the basic ingredient to create trust within the group. In order to do this we are implementing ZEGG Forum, Women’s Circle, Men’s Council, and an NVC study group. We also present community building activities and events. 

New Culture Center is a venue for experimenting with these concepts and tools so our members can have the opportunity to develop these skills in order to help build successful communities where ever they go.

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